Core Nutritionals Iso


What is it?

Core Nutritionals Iso is a high quality whey protein isolate powder.

How do I take it? 

Core Nutritionals Iso can be taken any time of the day as a snack but is best used immediately post workout.

How does it work? 

Core Nutritionals Iso is a whey protein isolate powder that is designed to be taken immediately post workout due it is fast absorbing nature, this makes it ideal for recovery and gets protein to the muscles as quick as possible.

Who can take it? 

Anybody who is looking to increase their protein intake and potentially improve overall body composition and recovery.

How much does it cost/how long does it last? 

Core Nutritionals Iso costs $99.95 per tub

Lasting time: 48 days (1 time per day)

Per scoop: $2.08 per scoop


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