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MTS Nutrition Epic Gains


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What is it?

MTS Nutrition Epic Gains is a high quality, lean protein Mass Gainer

How do I take it? 

MTS Nutrition Epic Gains can be taken anytime of the day and night if you are looking for a high quality source of protein and carbohydrates or calories to add to your diet. We recommend taking a scoop in the morning and another one scoop post workout.

How does it work? 

MTS Nutrition Epic Gains is a lean mass gainer that can be supplemented into a balanced and healthy diet to help increase calories therefore increasing lean muscle mass. Unlike other mass gainers out there MTS Nutrition Epic Gains has a good source of protein and carbohydrates from brown rice, so there is no insulin spike. MTS Nutrition Epic Gains also has a full serve of vegetables so you wont be missing out on any micro nutrients.

Who can take it? 

Anybody who is looking to increase their lean mass or a good meal replacement.

How much does it cost/how long does it last? 

MTS Nutrition Epic Gains costs $99.95 per tub

Lasting time: 30 days (1 time per day)

Per scoop: $3.33 per scoop