MTS Nutrition Ruckus


What is it?

MTS Nutrition Ruckus is a stimulant/caffeine and muscle pump based pre-workout supplement. 

How do I take it? 

MTS Ruckus is taken 30-60 minutes before your workout. The serving is 2 scoops with 250ml to 300ml of water. If you are new to pre-workout supplements or your caffeine tolerance is low, 4WN suggests taking 1/2 a scoop first and working your way up. Make sure you eat 1 hour before taking MTS Ruckus. 

How does it work? 

MTS Ruckus uses a range of ingredients (some listed below)  to help perform inside the gym for greater increase in muscular endurance and reduce fatigue. 

Betaine Nitrate NO3-T®- 1.5g: This is used to reduce the oxygen required to exercise from the increase in efficiency of mitochondria. 

ElevATP™: Made from apple extract and ancient peat (fossilised plants) it triggers an increase in ATP levels in the body. A similar effect that creatine has on the muscle. This will help with muscle power and muscular endurance. 

Who can take it? 

Anybody who is looking for increases in energy and muscular endurance during their workouts. 

How much does it cost/how long does it last? 

MTS Ruckus costs $39.95 per tub

Lasting time: 6 weeks (3 times per week)

Per scoop: $0.99 per scoop