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Top 5 Pre-workouts (so far)


Pre-workouts are gym goers’ best friend on those days when the only thing you want to do is chill and watch Netflix. It gets you going like motivation in a can or Popeye with his can of spinach. So, we decided to rank our top 5 pre-workouts that we have used so far.


  1. Total War, Redcon1

No surprises here. Total War is Redcon1’s huge hitting, caffeine filled, pump igniting pre-workout which is certain to get you going on those lazy days. With a solid amount of simulant and pump ingredients its bound to get you fired up. As a bonus its also flavoured to perfection so that it always tastes great no matter which of the 10 flavours you get. You could stack this with Redcon1’s Big Noise (non-stimulant) for extra drive and pumps in your workout.

  1. Red White and Boom, Merica Labz

Red White and Boom by Merica Labz is heaviest dose of stimulants we have seen in a pre-workout so far and we warn against beginners jumping straight into that full scoop. With 500mg caffeine equivalent its without a doubt going to wake you up and get you into that workout. We recommend starting with a half scoop until you are more adjusted to the caffeine. But its not just caffeine inside that massive 20g scoop. Its also filled with a full dose of creatine (5g) and a whopping 8of citrulline malate to get that blood pumping in the muscles. Can be stacked with Merica Labz Stars and Pipes (non-Stimulant) for bigger pumps.

  1. Clash By MTS Nutrition

Clash by MTS Nutrition is one of the most rounded pre-workouts on the market. It was one of the very first to be a fully dosed product on all its ingredients. It contains a wide range of products to help with focus, energy, pumps and endurance. Its not over stimulating like Total War or Red White and Boom. But due to the ingredients used it will hold you at peak energy a bit smoother and bit longer. All three flavours taste great, Rainbow Sherbet been our absolute favourite. Stacks well with Vasky by MTS Nutrition

  1. Fury X by Core Nutritionals

Fury X is the current version of Fury by Core Nutritionals. This is the best formula yet for a Fury version. It’s quite similar to Clash with a balanced amount of energy, focus and pumps. It lacks creatine but that can be added with their Core Commodities range of creatine. It currently only comes in one flavour at 4WN Supplements Star candy. Other flavours of this will come in the next version which promises to improve the flavour systems used.

  1. C4 by Cellucor

C4 by Cellucor is one of the original pre-workouts on the market. In that time not much has been changed by way of formula so its relatively under dosed in a lot of aspects but still is a good entry point for people new to the pre-workout category. It tastes great and has a bit of everything required for a workout and a bit of energy to get going. We recommend stacking this with Stars and Pipes by Merica Labz to get the best pumps from it.

February 15, 2020 by 4WN Supplements