Core Nutritionals Flex


What is it?

Core Nutritionals Flex is the ultimate daily supplement for joint, ligament and soft tissue health.

How do I take it? 

Core Nutritionals Flex can be taken any time throughout the day, simply mix 1 scoop with 500 ml of water in your 4WN shaker and drink away.

How does it work? 

Core Nutritonals Flex contains scientifically proven ingredients in clinical dosages that will help maintain good joint health and enhance soft tissue formation and protect against cartilage deterioration.

Who can take it? 

Core Nutritonals Flex can be taken by anyone who is looking to increase their joint health the assist with training harder and enjoy daily activities with reduced joint pain and strain.

How much does it cost/how long does it last? 

Core Nutritonals Flex costs $79.95 Per Tub

Lasting time: 30 days

Per scoop: $2.66 Per serve 


*Contains Shellfish*


Core Nutritionals Flex Nutritional Panel